Welcome to St. James Anglican Church


Coffee with the Rector has been cancelled for today.

Welcome to St. James Anglican Church

Do you want to experience the love of God here on earth? We are not perfect at St. James (only Jesus is perfect!) but we do welcome newcomers. Whether you want to return to church or you have never been to church, you are welcome here. We would love to help you learn about God and Jesus and see if this is the right church for you. And if not, perhaps we can steer you in the right direction to finding yours.

Contact us or drop in Sunday morning at 10 am to see what we are up to. Or come for coffee Tuesday at 10 am.

ADVENT 2019  

Hope everyone is keeping warm and staying healthy as we plunge into an early winter! We are gearing up for the season of Advent here at St James' and wanted to share just a few of the events that we're planning!

Sunday December 1st: Advent Bible Study, "God With

Us" ( 4 part series). Each Sunday in Advent after the service and coffee hour.

Friday December 13th: Wine, Cheese and Carols. Join us in the Parish Hall @7pm

Sunday December 15th: 4 pm "Blue Christmas". A special service of reflection and comfort for anyone who is dealing with loss; loss of a loved one, a job, health or circumstance. Know that you are not alone.

Tuesday December 24th: CHRISTMAS EVE

                  6 pm. FAMILY SERVICE of

                             LESSONS AND CAROLS.

                   9 pm EUCHARIST SERVICE

Sunday December 29th: BCP Eucharist Service


SYNOD 2019

178th Synod of the Diocese of Huron


Sunday, May 26, 2019 - Tuesday, May 29, 2019

First, I wish to sincerely thank you for appointing me as your delegate for this year's Synod. I was honoured and thrilled to represent St. James. This report touches only briefly on the many messages presented there. The Diocesan website offers a more complete record of the reports.

On Sunday, Reverend Jenny and I travelled to London, and registered. A delicious barbecue on the grounds of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul was served and a Church service followed. The beauty of this great Cathedral, and the presence of so many clergy people dedicated to doing God's work, is an experience which truly helps to makes you want to do great things as well as making you feel very humble. The highlight this year was the presence of Bishop Marinez Bassotto of Amazonia, who offered the homily for this service. She shared some of the ways of overcoming obstacles in sharing their mission of being "Sent into the World", the theme of this year's Synod. She told the parable of a small town in Europe, which was badly damaged in World War II bombings. In that town was a small church which contained a statue of Jesus with opened arms, welcoming all. This statue was nearly destroyed but the villagers resolved to rebuild it. After much labour, they found they could not satisfactorily replenish the outstretched arms, so they decided to place the arms and hands at Jesus feet, with the caption, "Christ now has only our hands", a resolve people in Amazonia have embraced.

Monday morning, we were joined by Warden Kate, and Synod was called to order by our Bishop, the Rt. Rev'd Linda Nicholls. She welcomed those in attendance and remembered those departed over the past year. The usual reports and business motions were completed.

Some highlights of Bishop Linda's charge to Synod:

- We all need to ask, “What is the purpose of the Church? We take for granted it is our job to keep it going, but the purpose is not self-preservation, rather it should be a vehicle to make God's purpose known.”

- A life of faith is just that, a relationship that we trust is strong, flexible, able to endure whatever comes. It is an apprenticeship as an apostle, one we enter at Baptism and continue every day until called home to God.

- As our guide, the Five Marks of Mission help us focus our efforts to wisely use our resources.

Across our Diocese, there are many stories of those helping to spread God's word. A few of these include:

- Serving refugees through sponsorship, across the Diocese.

- Providing a place to worship for foreign students (Simcoe).

- Serving youth who are learning parenting (Monica House)

- Introducing children and youth to God's story, through vacation Bible schools and Huron Church Camp

- Sharing God's word with those in prison

- Holding deanery workshops on evangelism, discipleship, vitality and growth

- Offer theology courses at three colleges, Huron, Renison and Canterbury Colleges

- Respond to reconciliation directives with our indigenous brothers and sisters

- Feed the hungry through food banks, community dinners, etc.

- Offer a place to pray to Muslims and new Canadians who are building new communities, and standing with them in solidarity against violence.

A financial report followed and a huge vote of thanks was given to each Parish for their hard work. Apportionment fees were 99.2% paid this year, despite seven congregations being disestablished and reorganized.

The World Relief Fund and PWRDF gave a remarkable recap of the many missions they have been a part of, across the world.

For the upcoming year of 2019, key goals for Marks of Mission include:

a. Proclamation - telling God's story.

b. Teach, Baptize and Nurture

c. Loving service, through PWRDF and the Anglican Foundation

d. Justice and Peace - The appointment of Rev. Rosalind Elm as Animator assures a continued focus on learning.

e. Creation Care - Continuing replenishment of trees and green spaces within our Parish, and especially a focus on the reduction/elimination of single use plastics. Can we reduce more?

The day continued with reports from Congregational Coaches, who help struggling parishes make best use of resources, through identifying their gifts, strengths and needs.

Bible study was interspersed over the two days, under the leadership of Bridge Builders.

Several Faith Witnesses told their stories, of their experiences with sharing God's word.

A highlight of the days was the signing of the Covenant between our Huron Diocese and Amazonia, with Bishop Linda and Bishop Marinez.

Each of the three Colleges reported on their year's activities, challenges and accomplishments.

The Justice League of Huron reported on their support of programs such as Ëat Alone", open to those who live alone, and for $5 can share a meal and a movie on a regular basis. They also initiated a Men's Group for young fathers, to help them learn parenting skills and deal with difficult issues.

A motion was made and passed, that we implement a reduction of single use plastics. It was suggested each Parish include a similar motion in their Mission and Ministry Plan.

The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese were revised to more accurately clarify the wording and intent. Accepted as presented.

The Youth Group brought a refreshing report, and have initiated a fund raiser whereby we can build barns through learning more about some other members of our Diocese. We will hear more of this from the Deanery level.

Safe Church was revisited, with an emphasis on the importance of defining boundaries to ensure healthy relationships at all levels within the Church.

On Monday evening, we all met to enjoy a sumptuous banquet, followed by recognition of recent retirees and presentation of the Order of Huron. One of the recipients of the order was Terry Marklevitz, who is leading our case study of accessibility. He was recognized for his time working with 20 different parishes on a volunteer basis.

Tuesday morning, we met one final time. Presenters included the Anglican Foundation, which accepts donations from Parishes and disperses them to congregations with a variety of emergency needs. They have distributed over $25,000,000 in recent years.

ACW Vice President brought us up to date on the many varied activities accomplished over the past year.

The Executive Director of Monica House reported on their varied activities. A reminder from her, "The best way to assure the mental health of future adults is to help the mothers of today." A thank you was issued for the support of all in the Diocese.

We were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Bishop Cronyn, who served this Diocese from 1857 to 1871. He told stories about some of the issues he dealt with and compared them with some of the experiences of Bishop Marinez and Reverend Steve Martin. Rev'd Steve is a recently appointed priest at St. Stephen's in Stratford, who began and continues to offer his ministry on the streets where people who are marginalized hang out. All three offer the ministry where otherwise there was none.

The Refugee Committee has some good news stories of helping newcomers get established. Their philosophy, I am only one, but I am one., and,

I cannot let what I can't do interfere with what I can do.

Regarding Stewardship: We must develop new perspectives. We cannot go back - we need to look forward, with a change of mind set. We should not focus on money, but on gospel. Unless you give of yourself, you cannot find yourself. If you want to go fast - go alone!! If you want to go far - go together!!

The Bridge Builders, who so ably led us through Bible studies, reported on their work of building relationships and respect for all people. Their message can be summed up briefly, by their words:

"We love God exactly as much as those we love least." … and

“Absence of tension does not equal peace”.

Remember, we are a community. If one suffers, we all suffer. Sometimes our unthinking desire to accumulate more "things", causes other to feel worthless. According to Jesus, it is our business to make sure every nation is evangelized, so Christ can return. We need to provide more retreats and learning opportunities. We need to develop an ability to listen -to God and to people. Our current society is built on materialism and today's need to be happy is based on a need for connection and grace. We as a Church need to offer a chance to meet that need. A Church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning.

The Synod closed in due form, with prayers for a greater understanding of "Going into the World".

Joan Lang

May, 2019

Final blessing.

 April 2019

Farewell breakfast.

 April 2019

Rev Jenny at the market.

 April 2019

Hope Rev Jenny is hungry!

 April 2019

Visit to Anglican Project outside Belem

 April 29th 2019

Visit to Anglican Project outside Belem

 April 29th 2019

Signing of the Covenant in the Cathedral

Sunday April 28th 2019

in Belem

Signing of the Covenant in the Cathedral

Sunday April 28th 2019

in Belem

Signing of the Covenant in the Cathedral

Sunday April 28th 2019

in Belem

Reverend Jenny in the Cathedral

Sunday April 28th 2019

in Belem

Reverend Jenny in Belem, Brazil

Synod Group

April 2019

Reverend Jenny in Belem, Brazil

April 2019

Reverend Jenny in Belem, Brazil

April 2019

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On April 19th, our parish was honourd to have Bishop Linda Nicholls preside over our Good Friday Service. Our choir sang a beautiful anthem, "Written in Red", and Bishop Linda gave a moving homily. After the service, the congregation followed the bishop outside where she blessed a newly planted Tulip tree to commemorate her visit. At the coffee hour, there were delicious hot crossed buns, fruit and cheeses that were very much appreciated and enjoyed.

During our social hour, Bishop Linda offered an informal question and answer forum. A HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped make this a most memorable occasion. Be sure to click on the pictures tab to view all the photos!

Blessing of the Animals was great!

Go to the Pictures tab to see more of our adorable pets!

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